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Cover Image Requirements

Publishing an ebook requires that it include a cover image. When you assign a cover image, Vellum checks that it meets each store’s requirements. When generating ebooks, Vellum creates a marketing cover image for each store that you can upload along with your ebook.

Feedback from Vellum

Vellum provides feedback about how well your cover image satisfies the requirements of each platform:

An inadequate cover image is likely to result in rejection from a store. If your image is too small, you will want to create a larger one or contact your cover designer. (Simply resizing the image to be larger is not recommended, as it will result in a low-quality image.)

If your image meets the requirements of every platform, though, Vellum will inform you as such:

Marketing Image

Vellum will embed the cover image in the ebooks it creates: it’s what readers will see when they flip to the beginning of your book. When you upload your ebook to a store, though, you’ll need to also upload your book’s marketing or catalog image. This will be used for your book’s listing in the store.

As Vellum generates an ebook for each store, it will also produce a corresponding marketing image that meets the store’s requirements. Vellum will save these files in the same location it saves the ebooks it generates. Like the ebook files, each image file is named using the title of your book and the associated platform, e.g. The-Invisible-Man-Kindle.jpg.