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Using Parts

You can add structure to your book by organizing chapters into Parts. Each part will begin with an introductory page, and will appear as a group in your book’s Table of Contents.

Creating Parts

To collect a set of chapters into a Part, select the chapters that should be in the Part and then use Create Part from Selection:


You can select multiple elements in the Navigator by holding down the Command (⌘) key as you select each one.

You can also select a group of elements by selecting the first, then holding down the Shift key as you select the last.

Note: You’ll find a similar command to group chapters into a Volume. You can use a Volume to represent a whole story, such as a book within a Box Set.

Parts in Your Table of Contents

You will find that the structure you create with Parts represented in your book’s Table of Contents, with Chapters listed within their respective parts.

If you’d rather the Table of Contents only show Parts (and not list the Chapters within them) you can do so in Table of Contents Settings.

Chapter Numbering

By default, chapter numbers will continue across the parts in your book. If Part 1 ends with Chapter 10, Part 2 will begin with Chapter 11. If you’d like numbering to reset at each Part, you can change Table of Contents Settings.


You might prefer to use a different word, like Section, for the parts in your book. To change this, use Terminology, available from the Chapter menu.

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