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Updating Vellum

When Vellum starts, it will check for new updates and inform you if a new version is available.

You can also use Check for Updates… in the Vellum menu:

Check for Updates menu item within Vellum


I receive an Update Error! when I try to update

If you are using macOS Sierra, Vellum won’t be able to update when it is stored in your Downloads folder. Please install Vellum by moving it to your Applications folder.

I have version 1.4.3 and am told I’m up-to-date

Vellum 2.0 requires macOS Sierra or El Capitan.

Vellum will stay on version 1.4.3 if you are running an earlier version of macOS, such as Yosemite.

I don’t see Check for Updates in this menu

If you don’t see Check for Updates in the Vellum menu, you’re using the Mac App Store version of Vellum, which we discontinued in 2016.

Please see Migrating to Direct for information about how to move to the latest version of Vellum.