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About the Author

You can use an About the Author page to share a bit more about yourself. About the Author includes a dedicated section for social media, which you can use to help readers find you online and keep on top of your future releases.

Adding About the Author

To add an About the Author page to your book, select About the Author from the menu in Chapter ▸ Add Element. More details about adding elements can be found in Elements of Your Book.

About the Author Formatting

To help keep it to a single page, About the Author uses a smaller heading than the chapters of your book. In your ebook, it also uses a slightly smaller font size.

Social Media

At the bottom of the Text Editor, you’ll find a section for profiles on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter:

Entries for profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites

Provide links to your profiles, and Vellum will include icons for these services below your text. In your ebook, readers will be able to click the associated icon to find your profile and follow updates:

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram buttons in an ebook

Entering a Profile

You can add an entry by copying and pasting the link for your profile into the associated entry. You can also enter your user name for the service and Vellum will construct the appropriate link for you:

Once you enter a link, you can use the arrow button to its right to test that it works as expected.

Additional Profiles

To start, your About the Author page includes entries for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can add entries for more services — such as Goodreads, Pinterest, and YouTube — using the + button in the lower-left:

Add entries for Goodreads, Pinterest, and other services

Note: because an Amazon Author profile refers to amazon.com, it will be excluded from ebooks created for iBooks, Kobo, and other stores.

Reordering and Removing Profiles

If you’d like to change the order in which icons are listed, you can reorder profiles using drag and drop:

You can remove a profile by clicking the - button that appears when your mouse pointer is over the profile.

Profile Options for Print

Of course, readers won’t be able to click on icons in a paperback. You can control how to present social media profiles in your print edition using the switch in the lower-right:

Add entries for Goodreads, Pinterest, and other services

By default, icons are shown in your print edition, and serve as indicators of your presence on the associated platforms. If you’d prefer, though, Vellum can list a link along with each icon, or hide the icons entirely.

Note: This control only affects your print edition. To see each option, make sure you are looking at Print in the Preview.