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Element Numbering

In Vellum, your chapters are automatically numbered. Numbering settings control how this numbering is performed.

Numbering Settings

Select Numbering from the Chapter menu to display the settings for your book:

Numbering settings for your book

Numbering Across Parts, Volumes

If you’ve organized your chapters into Parts, or you are making use of Volumes to create a Box Set, you can make use of the Reset across options for these elements.

The Reset across options control whether chapter numbers continue or reset across each Part or Volume:

Chapter numbers continue across Parts
Chapter numbers reset for each Part

Note: this only affects chapters that are grouped within a Part or a Volume. If you’re not seeing a change, make sure your chapters are correctly nested within a Part / Volume, as seen in the screenshots above.

Initial Chapter

By default, the first chapter of your book will be Chapter 1.

You can change Initial chapter if you’d prefer a different first chapter number, like if you are producing a separate volume that begins on a later chapter.