Generating eBooks | Vellum Help

Generating eBooks

To generate your eBooks, locate the Generate button in Vellum’s toolbar:

If the button in your toolbar doesn’t read Generate, then you will first need to buy a book package (Purchase) or redeem one of your purchased credits (Use Credit). More information about both of these options is available in the Purchasing FAQ.

Pressing the Generate button will begin the generate process:

Initial Setup

The first time you press Generate, you’ll be asked to select the kinds of eBooks you wish to create, and to choose a destination folder for them.

By default, Vellum will generate eBooks for all supported platforms. If you choose to upload to an aggregator (e.g. Draft2Digital or Smashwords), then you’ll need to enable Generic EPUB.

If the Kindle platform remains enabled, then you’ll be asked to download and install KindleGen.


Once you’ve performed the initial setup, you’re ready to generate eBooks. Press Generate and Vellum will create eBooks for each selected platform.

Changing Generate Options

If you wish to change your generate settings, use the buttons on the right-hand side of this dialog.

Locating your eBooks

Once you’ve successfully generated your eBooks, the generate sheet will display a Show Files button.

Pressing this button will open a Finder window to the platform-specific folders that Vellum has created:

Each folder contains an eBook that you can proof on various devices. When you are happy with the results, you’re ready to upload your eBooks to online stores.