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Creating an Anthology

An anthology gathers several stories or other short works, often by multiple authors. To create an anthology in Vellum, you can follow the steps outlined on this page.

Note: This guide is for creating a collection of short stories. If you are bundling full-length books, see the instructions for creating a Box Set.

Create a New File

You will likely want to start with an empty Vellum file, then add stories one at a time into your book. You can create a new Vellum file using File ▸ New.

Vellum will begin your book with Chapter 1. You can remove this by selecting the chapter and using Edit ▸ Delete.

Import Stories

You will have probably received the stories in the anthology as individual Word documents. You can import each of these files into your book by dragging them into the Navigator:

Import a Word document by dragging it into the Vellum's Navigator

Stories should import as a single chapter. If the document contains extra information (like a title page), you may need to remove this after it is imported. For more information, see the Importing Your Manuscript.

Assign Title and Author

After you import a story, you will want to check that it has the correct title. If not, you can edit the title shown at the top of the story.

If you are compiling a collection from multiple authors, you will also want to specify the author of each story. With the story selected, open the Heading menu and use Add Chapter Author:

The Add Chapter Author command, found in Vellum's Heading menu

This will display a new field you can use to assign the author:

The Chapter Author field visible in the editor

Title and author information entered here will be shown on the heading for your story. In your print edition, this information will also be included in the headers shown at the top of each page.

Disable Numbering

Though each story should use the Chapter element type, you may not want a chapter number. To remove this, use the Numbered toggle found in the Heading menu shown above.

After configuring title, author, and disabling numbering, you should see something like the following in the Title Editor:

Complete configuration with story title and author

Table of Contents

When Vellum builds your book’s Table of Contents, each story will be listed along with its author. To stand out, stories with authors will receive styling that differentiates them from standard chapters:

Table of Contents of an anthology, listing stories and their respective authors

Title Info

To credit all of the authors in the anthology, you can specify them in your book’s Title Information.

All contributors listed in Vellum's Title Info

Contributors listed here will be shown on your Title Page and included in the metadata for your ebook.