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Formatting Messages

Messages — e.g. text messages, output from a computer, or even just an old-fashioned note — are often formatted in ways that distinguish them from the text that surrounds them.

To create these kinds of messages in Vellum, you can use a combination of the Alignment Block text feature and character formatting.

Creating the Alignment Block

Use the Add Text Feature popup (the asterisk button in the Text Editor’s toolbar) to create your Alignment Block.

Initially, your text will be centered, so use the Alignment Block’s Gear menu to select Left alignment.

You may also want to enable Inset so that the block has a larger margin on the left and right sides:

Applying Character Formatting

To further differentiate messages from the surrounding content, select your text and choose Sans Serif from the additional character formatting menu.

You should now have a message block that looks as follows:

Other Examples

If you prefer, you could use multiple Alignment Blocks with alternating alignments. Or you could make use of Monospace character formatting.

Using alternating alignments for text messages
Using monospace for a computer-generated message

These are only a few possible ways to format messages. Feel free to experiment with other combinations of Alignment Blocks and character formatting to achieve the look you desire.