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Print Settings

You can control the size and layout of the Print Edition of your book using Print Settings, available from Vellum’s File menu:

Print Settings, as found in File menu

Selecting the above menu item displays these controls:

Screenshot of controls shown in Print Settings
Trim Size

Choose among these standard trim sizes. When you select a trim size, Vellum will automatically update your book’s font size and outside margins.

Inside Margin

This is the amount of space closest to your book’s binding. This value is completely under your control, as it can depend on printing service, paper thickness, and book length.

If you have a longer book, you may need to increase this value so that the text closest to the spine is still visible.

Chapter begins on right side

By default, Vellum will ensure the first chapter begins on the right-hand side (or recto) of your book. Change this setting if you’d like Vellum to do the same for every other chapter as well.

Include Images In

Choose whether the images in your book should be in Black & White or in Color.

If you choose to include images in color, you will need to also select color printing with your service of choice. This will typically increase printing costs (sometimes substantially).

As you change these values, Vellum will calculate and display the total page count for your book in the lower left corner.