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Vellum and Privacy

We respect your privacy and care about the security of your personal information. This page describes the ways Vellum and associated websites use information about you and your computer.


To assist in development and communications, Vellum will periodically transmit basic data about your computer and how you use the program. Any information that is sent in this manner is anonymous. No identifying information is sent, and Vellum never transmits the contents of any of your books.

On occasion – for instance, when you make a purchase – Vellum may request personal information. Whenever you provide personal information, it is used only for the purpose described. We will never sell any personal information to third parties.

For your protection, Vellum uses secure encryption when transmitting any information.

Usage Analytics

To help us understand broad usage patterns — such as the percentage of users running a version of macOS — Vellum periodically sends analytics data. This includes information such as the version of Vellum, the system version, and the language used on your computer. It does not include any personal information, or any information about the books you create with Vellum.

While this information is stored on our servers, it is anonymized. By design, we are unable to use this information to track individual usage.

Still, if you’d rather not share this anonymous information, you can opt out. In Vellum’s Preferences, uncheck Share usage analytics.

Crash Reports

Despite our best efforts, Vellum may crash. If that happens, Vellum will ask you to send a report, which can help us identify the cause.

A crash report itself does not contain any identifiable information. You do, however, have the option to include your email address. Should you choose to include it, your email address will only be used if we need to personally follow up with you. It will never be used for any marketing purposes.

Crash Reporting is provided by HockeyApp, a division of Microsoft.

Updates and Announcments

At startup, and periodically afterwards, Vellum will check to see if there is a newer version available. In doing so, Vellum transmits basic system information to determine what versions are compatible with your system. No identifying information is sent.

Vellum will also sometimes display system announcements, such as when a major update to Vellum is available, or when a new version of macOS has compatibility issues. As with the above, Vellum transmits basic system information to determine if there is a relevant announcement to display.

In each of these cases, information is only recorded in short-term web server logs, which are purged after seven days.


Purchasing a license requires that you provide contact information. This information — such as a billing address — is used to validate your method of payment. Your email address is also used to deliver an invoice at the time of purchase, and in case you need to recover your license or install on a second computer.

The email address you provide when you purchase is not used for any marketing purposes. Credit card information is used to make your purchase only, and is not stored.

Purchase details and processing are managed by FastSpring.

Book Credits

Until June 2017, Vellum offered individual book credits as a purchase option. To prevent reuse, redemption of a book credit involves registering the book’s title, subtitle, and author on our servers. Content of the book is never transmitted or stored.

This registration only applies to book credits, which have been discontinued. When using a current Vellum Ebooks or Vellum Press package, no information about your books is ever transmitted or stored on our servers.


To help us understand how visitors come to our website and the pages they view, the and websites make use of analytics. Website analytics are provided by GoSquared.

Vellum advertises via Facebook. So that we can gauge the effectiveness of this advertising, the website includes code from Facebook that measures whether users visit our website after seeing an advertisement.

Email List

To receive periodic information about Vellum, you can sign up for our mailing list. This option is presented when using the Vellum Installer, and on the Vellum website.

This is an optional, low-traffic list with a small number of announcements sent each year. Every email sent includes an Unsubscribe link that is processed immediately. The email address you provide will never be sold to any third party.

To measure the effectiveness of announcements sent through this mailing list, our provider will keep track of when you open these emails or click on links inside them. You can disable this tracking by changing your Email Preferences, available via a link at the bottom of each email.

Vellum’s email list is managed by Campaign Monitor.


We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your privacy. Just contact us.