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Proofing Your Book

Before you publish, we recommend proofing your book. This is a chance to take a last look for any typos or other potential corrections, and ensure that everything looks as you expect.

Proofing Ebooks

The easiest and most reliable way to proof an ebook is by using the preview and reading apps designed for each platform:


Kindle Previewer Icon

For the Kindle version of your ebook, we recommend proofing using Amazon’s Kindle Previewer utility. This is the easiest way to preview your book with Amazon’s Enhanced Typesetting. To proof your Kindle ebook:

  1. Start Kindle Previewer and then press Open Book.
  2. Select the Kindle epub file generated by Vellum, then wait for Kindle Previewer to convert your file.

Once conversion is complete, Kindle Previewer will display how your book will appear on example Kindle devices.

Note: Always use the Kindle epub with Kindle Previewer, which is the same file you will upload to KDP. Kindle Previewer will display a warning if you open a mobi file.

Apple Books

Apple Books Icon

For Apple Books, you can make use of the Books program that is already installed on your Mac. You’ll find it in your Applications folder.

This the default application for EPUB files, so you can typically open an Apple EPUB file in Books by just double-clicking it.


Kobo Desktop Icon

You can use the Kobo Desktop App to proof the Kobo version of your ebook.

Unfortunately, you cannot open your file directly with this app. Instead, you’ll first have to copy it to the Digital Editions folder located inside your Documents folder. If you don’t already have a Digital Editions folder, you can create one in the Mac Finder using File ▸ New Folder.

Once your ebook is in the proper location, go to the My Books tab in the Kobo application. Then press ⌘-Shift-S to refresh your Kobo library:

Select the cover in your Kobo Library

Double-click on your book’s cover to open it.


Google Chrome Icon

You can preview your books using the Google Chrome web browser.

First, sign into Google Play using Chrome. Then press the Upload files button in the upper-right and select your Play.epub file. After your book is successfully uploaded, you’ll be able to view it from within Chrome.


Adobe Digital Editions Icon

Barnes & Noble does not offer a desktop reading app. You can, however, use Adobe Digital Editions, which uses the same technology as Nook devices and can open the Nook.epub file generated by Vellum.

By default, your Mac will use the Books application to open all EPUB files, including those targeted for Nook. To open a Nook EPUB file with Adobe Digital Editions, use File ▸ Open With:

Using the Open With command in the Mac Finder

Note: We only recommend using Adobe Digital Editions with the Nook version of your ebook. ADE may not be able to open EPUB files for other platforms.

Sideloading Your Ebook

You may also find it useful to view your ebook on a device like an iPad or Kindle. More about this option can be found in Sideloading Your Ebook.

Proofing Your Print Edition

Icon for Preview app

For your print edition, you can use the Preview utility that comes with your Mac. You can typically open your PDF in Preview by just double-clicking it.

The best way to view your print edition is a spread a time, just like how pages will appear in your printed book. To activate this mode, use View ▸ Two Pages:

Viewing a spread of a PDF in Preview