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Restoring Your License

If you’ve replaced your computer — or want to use Vellum on a second computer you own — you can use the Restore function to recover your license.

Install Vellum

If you haven’t already done so, first install Vellum on your new computer. You can download the Vellum Installer from the Vellum Website.

Request a Restore

After you have Vellum running on your new computer, find the Vellum menu at the top of your screen and select Purchases:

The Purchases menu item in the Vellum menu

Without a license installed, you will be shown purchasing options and pricing. Press the Restore button in the lower-left corner of the window:

Restore is found in the Purchases window

When prompted, enter the email address you used when you purchased:

Enter your email address in the Restore field

After you fill in your email address, press Submit.

If Vellum is able to find a purchase matching this email address, you’ll be sent a link you can use to install your license.

Install Your License

After submitting your request, you will receive an email that includes your purchase information:

Click the Restore License link in your email

Open this email and click the Restore License link. Your license will be installed on the Mac where you made the request.

Verify Your License

Once your license is installed, you should see your registration information in the Purchases window. You’re all set to generate books on your new computer!


I don’t see a Restore button in the Purchases window

You won’t see a Restore button if your license is already installed. If you want to install your license on a new computer, you will need to submit your request using Vellum on that computer.

I submitted a request but didn’t receive any email

Automated emails like these can sometimes get caught in spam filters. Please check to see if the email is in a Spam or Junk folder.

I purchased using an email I can no longer access

Please contact us with the order information for your purchase. We can update the purchase record to use your new email address.

I restored my license but don’t see my files

Restoring only recovers your license information. Your Vellum files are saved on the computer where you created them. If you need to share your files between computers, you can make use of a sharing service like iCloud or Dropbox. You can also move files using a USB drive.