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Accessible Styles

Vellum Accessible Styles apply formatting that supports a diverse range of reading abilities. Accessible Styles can be used in any size book, including Large Print.

Selecting Accessible Styles

You can find Vellum’s Accessible Styles by selecting the Accessible category:

Listing of categories, including Popular, Serif, Sans Serif. Accessible is selected.

Accessible Style Qualities

To improve readability, Accessible Styles automatically make a number of changes from standard Styles.

Image of example accessible style, demonstrating features described below Headings Body

Accessible Styles have limited access to some decorative style features:

Accessible Style Options

Vellum currently offers two accessible style options. Both incorporate all of the features listed above, but use different fonts for heading and body text.


The Dyslexic style is built around the OpenDyslexic font, which is designed to assist with common symptoms of dyslexia.

Screenshot of Dyslexic style selected, showing the OpenDyslexic font

OpenDyslexic’s signature look comes from the heavier weight at the bottom of letters, which can help readers keep these figures upright and distinguish top from bottom:

Specimen showing example sentences of OpenDyslexic font


The Legible style uses Atkinson Hyperlegible, a font released by Braille Institute.

Screenshot of Legible style selected, showing the Atkinson Hyperlegible font

Atkinson Hyperlegible is a clean, easy-to-read typeface that goes to great lengths to differentiate letterforms that otherwise may look similar:

Specimen showing example sentences of OpenDyslexic font

Page Count

Because of the increase to font size and spacing, including space between each paragraph, and disabling hyphenation, using an Accessible Style will often increase the page count of your print edition. You can check your book’s page count in Print Settings.