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Header and Footer Style

The Header and Footer style allows you to choose what appears at the top and bottom of each page in your print edition.

Configuring the Header and Footer Style

With your Style selected, click the Configure button:

Button used to configure a Style

In the list of Style features, select Header and Footer:

Heading Background Feature selected

Header and Footer Presets

Use the style carousel to select your desired Header and Footer.

Changing the style will immediately apply it to the bodymatter of your print edition:

Since headers are not shown on the first page of of a chapter, you may need to advance pages in the Preview to to see how your selection will appear in your book.

Note: Ebook reading apps control their own headers and footers, so this option will only affect the print edition of your book.

Front and Back Matter

To conform to modern typesetting practices, these front and back matter elements will show their title in the header:

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Preface
  • Afterword
  • Endnotes

Other front and back matter elements will not show any headers or footers. If you’d like headers and footers on particular element in your book, make sure you’ve chosen one of the above element types.