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Header and Footer Style

The Header and Footer style allows you to choose what appears at the top and bottom of each page in your print edition.

Configuring the Header and Footer Style

With your Style selected, click the Configure button:

Button used to configure a Style

In the list of Style features, select Header and Footer:

Heading Background Feature selected

Header and Footer Presets

Use the style carousel to select your desired Header and Footer.

Changing the style will immediately apply it to your print edition.

Since headers are not shown on the first page of of a chapter, you may need to advance pages in the Preview of your print edition to see how your selection will appear.

Element Types

To conform to modern typsetting practices, the text in your headers and footers may change depending on the element type.

Body matter, like Chapters, will use the header and footer content you’ve selected:

Front and back matter, like an Introduction or Afterword, will use the title of the element:

Elements that are typically only a single page won’t show a header and footer at all. These elements include: About the Author, Acknowledgments, Also By, Blurbs, Dedication, etc.

If you’d like headers and footers to appear for a particular element in your book, you may need to convert to a more appropriate element type.

Custom Header and Footer

Pressing the Create Custom button allows you to customize the content and position of your headers and footers.

Layout and Alignment

Use these buttons to configure where the content appears in your headers and footers, and how it is positioned:

Custom Header and Footer with Split Layout selected
Custom Header and Footer with Top Layout selected
Custom Header and Footer with Bottom Layout selected

Depending on the Layout you choose, you will be presented with different choices for the Alignment.


These popup menus allow you to choose what text will appear on the left and right sides of a page spread, respectively.

Note: These choices only apply to the bodymatter of your print edition. The header and footer content for front and back matter obeys different rules.


For an added touch, you can provide an ornament that will appear next to the page number. To do so, drag an image onto the thumbnail, or click to select its file on disk.

Custom Header and Footer editor showing an empty ornament image well
Custom Header and Footer editor showing an ornament image

Below the image, you’ll see feedback about the size of image that works best for your book.

The ornament’s appearance depends on the Layout you’ve selected. When the content and the page number appear together, the ornament is positioned between them:

Vellum’s Preview showing a custom ornament on one side of the page number

When a page number is centered in the footer, the ornament will appear on both sides of the number:

Vellum’s Preview showing a custom ornament on either side of the page number

Returning to Presets

To clear your custom Header and Footer and return to presets, press the ⓧ shown in the upper left.