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Heading Background Style

You can use a Heading Background to add a backdrop behind the beginning of each Chapter of your print edition.

Configuring a Heading Background

Any Style can be configured to use a Heading Background. With the Style selected, click the Configure button:

Button used to configure a Style

In the list of Style features, select Heading Background:

Heading Background Feature selected

Heading Background Presets

Vellum comes with built-in Heading Background presets that you can easily incorporate into your book:

Carousel showing preset options for heading background

The Heading Background you select will be automatically applied to every Chapter of your print edition.

Custom Heading Background

If you have your own artwork you’d like to use for a Heading Background, use the Create Custom button shown below the carousel. You’ll be shown an editor to provide and configure the image you’re using as a background:

Custom heading background editor without image
Custom heading background editor with image


Background Image
Drag your image onto this thumbnail, or click to select the file on disk.
Image Presence
Use this control if you need to adjust the presence of your image. Decreasing this value can make any text that appears above the background more legible.
Image Span
This controls whether your image spans just a single page or an entire spread. When configured as a spread, the span both pages whenever the opposite page is empty (e.g. for Chapter 1).
Image Extent
Use this to control how close to the edge of the page you want your background to go. If you want the image to go to the very edge of the page, select Full Bleed.

Note: Full Bleed is automatically selected when you make your image span the full spread

Use White Text
If your image is very dark, you can use this option to change all text (and ornaments) on the page to be white.

Note: If you haven’t provided an image, this will also change the background to black.

To clear your custom background and return to presets, press the ⓧ shown in the upper left.


Below the controls, the feedback section provides a recommended size for any image used as a background:

Recommendation that an image is 1312 by 2212 pixels

The recommended size is based on the trim size you’ve selected for your book as well as the state of the controls above.

Once you provide an image, Vellum will indicate whether the image will work for your configuration:

Feedback stating that image satisfies size requirements

Full Bleed

Using a Full Bleed background will increase the dimensions of the PDF generated by Vellum. For example:

Trim Size 6 × 9 in
PDF Dimensions 6⅛ × 9¼ in

If you’re using KDP for your print edition, be sure to indicate that your PDF uses Full Bleed in Bleed Settings.