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Ornamental Break Style

The Ornamental Break Style allows you to select an ornament from built-in options, or add your own.

Configuring the Ornamental Break Style

With your Style selected, click the Configure button:

Button used to configure a Style

In the list of Style features, select Ornamental Break:

Heading Background Feature selected

If you don’t see Ornamental Break listed, then your book doesn’t contain an Ornamental Break. To configure the style before you’ve added this Text Feature, use the popup at the bottom of the list to choose All  Features: Popup showing options for Features in Book or All Features

Ornamental Break Presets

Use the style carousel to select from Vellum’s presets and change the appearance of all the Ornamental Breaks in your book.

Custom Ornaments

If you’d prefer to use your own image, press the Create Custom button shown below the carousel. You’ll be shown an editor that allows you to customize the image you’d like to use as an ornamental break.

Custom ornamental break editor without image
Custom ornamental break editor with image


Ornament Image
Drag your image onto this thumbnail, or click to select the file on disk.
Use this control to control how large your Ornamental Break appears.

To clear your custom ornamental break and return to presets, press the ⓧ shown in the upper left.


Below the controls, the feedback section provides a recommended size for any image used as an ornamental break:

Recommendation that an image is at least 80 pixels high

The recommended size is based on the trim size you’ve selected for your book as well as the setting for the Size control above.

Once you provide an image, Vellum will indicate whether the image works for your configuration:

Feedback stating that image satisfies size requirements