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Saved Styles

Once you’ve configured a Style exactly how you like it, you can Save the Style to use in your future books.

Saving a Style

Once you have a Style configured how you like it, you can save the configuration by opening the Style menu and selecting Save Style:

Accessing the Save Style command from the Style menu

You’ll be prompted to name this new style:

Providing a name for the new saved style

Provide a name that describes how you’ll use the style and click Save. This Saved Style will now be available for all books you create with Vellum.

Using a Saved Style

After you create a Saved Style, you’ll see a new Category when browsing Styles:

List of Style Categories, including Saved Styles

With this Category active, select your Saved Style:

Selecting a Saved Style

Saved Style Commands

With a Saved Style selected, you can make use of these commands:

Commands available for a Saved Style, including Remove, Apply, and Select
Remove (Style)
Deletes the Style. Be careful: because Saved Styles are shared between books, this will affect any other book that uses this style.
Select Original Style
Selects the original style that was used to create this Saved Style.
Apply to Original Style
Applies all values in the Saved Style to the original style. You can use this command to make a new Saved Style based on these settings.

Recovered Styles

Saved Styles are automatically saved to your user account on your Mac, and are available for any new file you create with Vellum.

In some situations, your book may refer to a Saved Style that isn’t available on your Mac. That may be because:

In these scenarios, Vellum will let you know that the Save Style has been recovered:

Selecting a Saved Style

A recovered style can still be used in your book. If you’d like to use this style for additional books, click Add to Saved Styles.