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Alignment Blocks

Use an Alignment Block to explicitly declare the alignment for a block of text, such as a section that should be centered.

Adding an Alignment Block

To add an Alignment Block to your book, select the paragraphs you wish to format and choose the Alignment Block item from the Text Feature menu.

Vellum's Text Feature menu

Changing Alignment

When you first add an Alignment Block, the selected text will be centered:

You can change the block’s alignment using the gear menu that is available when text within the block is selected:

A left-aligned block will not be indented, as seen in this use as an introduction to a chapter:

As demonstrated in the example above, text within an alignment block is never formatted as the first paragraph in a chapter. Instead, the text that follows the block will be formatted as the first paragraph (in this case, with a drop cap).


The Inset option adds margin to the left and right sides of the Alignment Block:

As shown above, an inset, flush-left Alignment Block is one way to format a text message conversation.

Keep Lines on Same Page

You can control where page breaks are allowed to occur using the Keep Lines on Same Page menu item, also accessible from the gear menu.

By default Keep Lines on Same Page is off and page breaks are allowed to occur anywhere in the Alignment Block. When it’s on, if a paragraph can’t fit entirely on one page, then it will be moved to the next.

Note: Keep Lines on Same Page is not supported by Kindle, Kobo, or Google Play. Vellum’s Preview will reflect this.