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Use an Endnote to add a reference to a citation that appears at the end of the chapter or book.

Adding an Endnote

To insert an endnote, click in the Text Editor where you’d like it to appear and choose Endnote from the Text Feature menu.

Vellum's Text Feature menu


Vellum will import endnotes and footnotes from your Word manuscript and create Endnotes for each one.

When Vellum imports a file that contains endnotes, it will also create an Endnotes element. This element contains the text for each Endnote in your book. If you’d prefer to have the Endnote text appear at the end of each chapter, delete the Endnote element.


When you add or click on an Endnote, the Endnote editor will appear at the bottom of Vellum’s Text Editor:

You can add or edit text in the Endnote editor exactly as you would in the Text Editor.

To close the Endnote editor, press Done, or click in the main Text Editor.

If you have multiple endnotes in your chapter, you can switch between them using the arrow buttons at the bottom of the Endnote Editor.

Endnotes in Ebooks

Most devices allow readers to view endnotes without forcing them to change their current location in the ebook. Vellum’s Preview replicates this behavior.

To view an Endnote, simply click on the Endnote number in Vellum’s Preview:

If your chosen device supports it, a popup will appear with the text of the endnote.

Popup Support

When testing your ebooks, you may not see popups for one of these reasons:

Popups have limited support for books that are side-loaded onto a device. Wide support for popups is only available when books are purchased through Amazon and only when Enhanced Typesetting is enabled. To test the popups in your book, we recommend using Kindle Previewer.
You’ll see popups on eink Kobo devices and in the Kobo app for iOS. Popups are not supported on Android or in the Kobo desktop application.
Google Play
Popups are supported on reading apps for iOS and Android. They are not supported when reading a book using Chrome.
Popups are not supported on the Nook platform.
To see popups with a Generic file, you will need to configure Vellum to generate Generic in the EPUB 3 format, which you can do in Generation Settings. Popup appearance will depend on the reading app used to view your file.

When popups aren’t supported, clicking on an endnote number will take you to the location of the endnote’s text.