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Ornamental Breaks

An Ornamental Break is a type of scene break. Use an Ornamental Break to introduce a change of location, time, or narrator with a graphical flourish.

Adding an Ornamental Break

To add an Ornamental Break to your book, select where you’d like to insert the break and choose the Ornamental Break item from the Text Feature menu.

Vellum's Text Feature menu

Presentation in the Text Editor

Ornamental Breaks will appear in the Text Editor as a cluster of three asterisks:

An ornamental break in Vellum’s Text Editor


You can change the appearance of Ornamental Breaks in your book using the carousel in the Styles Pane:

Custom Ornamental Breaks

Vellum comes with a variety of options for ornamental breaks. If you’d prefer to use your own image, press the Custom Image button to select one.

After you choose an image, Vellum will display it in the editor and include feedback about whether your image is a suitable size for use as an ornamental break:

Custom image used as ornamental break