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Page Breaks

Add a Page Break to start text on a new page within a chapter.

This feature was added in Vellum 2.8. Make sure you are up-to-date.

You can use Page Breaks if you’ve divided your chapter into sections and want each to begin on a new page. Or, use a Page Break before a section that ends a chapter, such as a set of Discussion Questions:

Page spread illustrating a Page Break Text Feature

Inserting a Page Break

To insert a Page Break, place the cursor where you want it to appear within your chapter. Then, select Chapter ▸ Insert Page Break from Vellum’s main menu.

The Insert Page Break menu item

In the Text Editor

A Page Break will appear as two ruled lines in the Text Editor:

A Page Break in the Text Editor

To remove the Page Break, click to select it and press Delete.


A Page Break, like a Scene Break, begins a new section, and its first paragraph will be styled accordingly. In Chapters, this may mean that that the Paragraph After Break Feature Style will apply.

Page Break Support

Page Breaks are supported in these environments:

Apple Books
Kobo (iOS/Android)
Kobo (eInk/desktop) -
Google Play -

When Page Breaks are not supported, they will appear as Scene Breaks instead.

When Not to Use a Page Break

Page Breaks are not intended for fine-tuning your layout, such as shifting text from one page to the next. If you find yourself wanting to use a Page Break to prevent these kinds of issues, then you may want to investigate other options: