Subheads | Vellum Help


Use a subhead to title a section of a chapter.

Adding a Subhead

To add a Subhead to your book, select the text you’d like to use as your subhead and choose the Subhead item from the Text Feature menu:

Vellum's Text Feature menu


When you click on a Subhead in Vellum’s Text Editor, blue brackets will appear to indicate selection:

A Subhead in Vellum’s Preview

Clicking again will allow you to edit the Subhead’s text.


The appearance of Subheads in your book will depend on your chosen Book Style:

A Subhead in Vellum’s Preview

Note: the Style demonstrated above automatically transforms the subhead into uppercase. Typically, you should leave your text in mixed case and let Vellum handle these transformations.

Since Subheads are used to introduce a new section or scene, the paragraph that immediately follows it will not be indented.