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Text Conversation

Text messages shown between two characters

Use the Text Conversation feature to show text messages sent by characters.

Create a conversation, format each message, then configure your Style to choose how you want messages to appear in your book.

Adding a Text Conversation

To add a Text Conversation to your book, select the paragraphs you wish to format and choose the Text Conversation item from the Text Feature menu.

Vellum's Text Feature menu

This feature was added in Vellum 3.4. Make sure you are up-to-date.

Configuring Content

A conversation consists of any number of messages sent between characters, as well as optional names for the sender of the message. To format the conversation, you can configure the type of content for each line of text:

Diagram for types of content in a conversation

You can make these assignments in the Text Editor:

Note: Any Contact Name will be automatically associated with the following message.


In your book, the conversation will be styled to resemble a series of text messages:

Text Messages, styled as bubbles, shown in an ebook on a Kindle

The appearance shown above is one of several options for how messages are displayed. You can find more options in the Text Conversation section of Styles:

Keep Lines on Same Page

It’s possible for a page break to occur within the middle of a conversation. If you’d prefer this not happen, you can make use of Keep Lines on Same Page, accessible from the gear menu:

Keep Lines On Same Page menu item in menu for Text Conversation

With Keep Lines on Same Page enabled, the whole conversation will stay together on the same page of your book.

Note: Keep Lines on Same Page is not supported by Kobo or Google Play. Vellum’s Preview will reflect this.

Sideloading on Kindle for iPhone

In the Kindle app for iOS, text message bubbles (and other styling) can only be seen in ebooks purchased from Amazon. The Kindle app displays extremely limited formatting for books that are sideloaded, so text messages will only be left and right aligned. This only applies to the Kindle app, and only on iPhone and iPad.