Verse | Vellum Help


Use the Verse Text Feature to format lines of poetry or lyrics from a song.

Adding Verse

To add Verse to your book, select the paragraphs you wish to format and choose the Verse item from the Text Feature menu.

Vellum's Text Feature menu

Your Verse’s text will appear offset from the rest of the text in Vellum’s Text Editor, and can be edited at any time:

Using an Attribution

To include the source of the verse, use the gear menu and select Add Attribution:

A dedicated text field will appear at the end of the Verse so you can enter the attribution:

Keep Lines on Same Page

You can control where page breaks are allowed to occur using the Keep Lines on Same Page menu item, also accessible from the gear menu.

By default Keep Lines on Same Page is off and page breaks are allowed to occur anywhere in the quotation. When it’s on, if a stanza can’t fit entirely on one page, then it will be moved to the next.

Note: Keep Lines on Same Page is not supported by Kindle, Kobo, or Google Play. Vellum’s Preview will reflect this.


The appearance of Verse in your book will depend on your chosen Verse Feature Style.

Verse in Vellum’s Preview

As shown above, the chosen Verse style sets the poem in italics. In addition, the attribution is automatically preceded with a long (”em”) dash and set in small caps.