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Emailing a Vellum File

You may sometimes find it necessary to email a Vellum file to a colleague.

For best results, we recommend you compress the file before emailing it. You can perform this task from within the Finder. Select the .vellum file you wish to send and compress it:

Compresing a file in the Finder

You can then attach the resulting .zip file to your email.

If you'd like to send your Vellum document to us, please use our Contact Us page. When you attach your Vellum file, it will be compressed automatically.

Sharing via Dropbox

If you’d prefer not to send your Vellum documents as email attachments – for instance, if your zip file is too large to send – then you can also share them using a file-sharing service like Dropbox. For best results, compress your Vellum file first (as in the Emailing Tip above) before moving to your Dropbox folder.

If you are new to Dropbox, and need help generating share links, you can read more on our Advance Reader Copies page.

Updating Vellum

When Vellum starts, it will check for new updates and inform you if a new version is available. You can also use Check for Updates… in the Vellum menu:

Vellum : Check for Updates menu item within Vellum

Migrating from Mac App Store to Direct

Vellum is no longer sold via the Mac App Store. To receive future updates to Vellum, please read our dedicated help page, Migrating to Direct.