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Title and Author Information

Use Vellum’s Title Info pane to provide title, author, and other information about your book.

Information provided here will be used by your book’s Title Page, and will be included in the headers of your print edition.

Values will also be included in your ebook’s metadata, information about your book that is used by stores and reading devices.

Accessing Title Info

To access and edit Title Info, select your book’s title at the top of the Navigator:

The book title is selected in Vellum's Navigator

If it’s not already showing, select the Title Info tab. You’ll be shown these controls:

Controls for title, authors, language and ISBN shown in Title Info

Title and Subtitle

Use the first fields of Title Info to specify your book’s title and (optional) subtitle:

Title and Subtitle controls shown in Title Info

The book’s title is used in:

Series Name

If your book is part of a series, you can specify the name of the series:

Series Name and Position controls shown in Title Info

Once you provide a Series Name, you can optionally enter Book Number to define when the book comes in the series.

Series information will be included in your ebook metadata and on your Title Page, e.g. “Book 1.” If you want to customize the term “Book,” you can do so in Terminology.

Author and Contributors

Next, you’ll list the primary author and any other contributors to the book:

Author and Contributor controls shown in Title Info

Use Contributors to add additional authors, or credit a translator or editor. To add a contributor, click the + button and enter a name in the newly-created fields:

A newly-added contributor, currently credited as an author

If you’d like to change the role of the contributor, click on the Author label to the left of the text fields. This will bring up the role popup menu:

Popup menu showing roles for a contributor, including Author, Editor, Photographer, and Translator

If you’ve added multiple contributors and you need to reorder them, you can do so using drag-and-drop:

Additional Metadata

The following values are not shown on your book’s title page, but are included in your ebook’s metadata.

Popup for selecting language and field for providing Ebook ISBN


Use this control to specify the language in which your book was written.

Vellum will translate certain key terms (e.g. “Chapter”) for French, Italian, German, and Spanish. However, if you choose another language from the popup menu, Vellum will display the Edit Terminology button:

Popup showing Danish language and button to Edit Terminology

Clicking this button opens the Terminology panel, where you can provide your own translations and customize terms used for contributors.

Ebook ISBN

Online stores do not require an ISBN to list an ebook, so this field is optional. If you do acquire an ISBN for your ebook, however, you can list it here and the ISBN will be included in your ebook’s metadata.

Note: the ISBN specified here will only be used in your ebook’s metadata. If you’d like for it to be included in the text of your book as well, you can add it to your Copyright.