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Uploading to Stores

After you generate your books and proof them for errors, you’re ready to upload your book to stores.

Files for Uploading

For each store, you will provide files generated by Vellum. To find these files, press the Show button in Vellum’s toolbar, located in the upper-right corner of your Vellum window:

Toolbar icons featuring the Show Books button

The Show button opens a Finder window with folders for each platform (e.g. Kindle, Apple, Kobo). Inside each folder, you’ll find a file for your book, e.g. The-Invisible-Man-Kindle.epub.

For any ebook platforms, you’ll also find a version of your cover image, e.g. The-Invisible-Man-Kindle.jpg

Store Size Limits

Stores will not accept files larger than the following sizes:

Apple Books 2048 MB
Google Play 2048 MB
Amazon 650 MB
Kobo 100 MB
Barnes & Noble 20 MB

To acommodate these limits, Vellum may reduce images included in each version of an ebook, using high-resolution images where limits are high and low-resolution images where limits are low:

Apple Books Very High
Google Play High
Kindle High
Kobo Medium
Nook Low
Generic Low

To satisfy the requirements of every store (including Barnes & Noble), Vellum’s Generic output also uses low-resolution images. For this reason, we recommend directly uploading store-specific ebooks when possible, especially when image quality is important.

Uploading to Stores

Ready to publish? Read on for more information about uploading to each store.