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Uploading to Nook Press

To list your book with Barnes & Noble via Nook Press, you will need to sign up at Nook Press:

Upload your eBook File

Once you’ve created your Nook Press account, use the Create New Project button to begin the process of submitting your book.

Here, the first step is to upload your eBook file (or as Nook Press refers to it, your manuscript). Press the large “up” button, then select the Nook version of your eBook file, e.g. The-Invisible-Man-Nook.epub.

Once your upload is complete, Nook Press will display a count of “chapters” in your book. This count includes your book’s actual chapters as well as elements like the Title Page and back-matter like About the Author.

Note: You can use Nook’s preview tool to verify that your book was successfully uploaded, but note that some aspects of your book — such as images and embedded fonts — may not display properly.

Upload Your Cover Image

In the next step, you will upload the cover image generated by Vellum.

Press the Choose a file to upload... button, then select the cover image that Vellum has generated for Nook, e.g. The-Invisible-Man-Nook.jpg.

You will be asked whether to add this cover image to your Manuscript. The eBook generated by Vellum already contains a cover image, so this is unnecessary. Answer No.

Press the Upload Cover Image to begin the upload. When complete, a thumbnail of your cover image should be displayed along with a message indicating success.

Enter Book Details

Lastly, you will enter details about your book such as title, author, description, and keywords. You can read more about these details here:

With everything in place, you can press the Publish button to publish your book!

Nook Press Support

The complete set of Nook Press help pages as well as a form to contact support is available here: