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You can use a Bibliography to cite publications that you’ve referred to in your book. A Bibliography element applies specific formatting appropriate for these citations.

Adding a Bibliography

To add a Bibliography to your book, use the Chapter ▸ Add Element menu and select Bibliography. More details about adding elements can be found in Elements of Your Book.

This feature was added in Vellum 3.3. Make sure you are up-to-date.

Listing Citations

In a Bibliography element, you can list citations as regular paragraphs:

Citations in the Text Editor, entered as normal paragraphs

Citation Formatting

In your book, citations will be formatted in a style commonly used in a Bibliography: each entry will use a hanging indent so that subequent lines of a citation are indented:

Citations shown in a book, with subsequent lines indented

As with a page of Endnotes, text in a Bibliography will use a smaller font size than the rest of the book.

Citing Web URLs

For web-based references, you may want to include the URL in your citation. When you list a URL, you’ll want to make sure that it is formatted as a Web Link.

Using the Web Link text feature to format a URL

When formatted as a Web Link, Vellum applies special hyphenation rules so that URLs can break across lines without using hyphens (which might otherwise be interpreted as part of the URL):

URL shown in a book, wrapping onto a new line without a hyphen