Advance Reader Copies | Vellum Help

Advance Reader Copies

You can send out an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) of your book to a select group of readers for early feedback, proofreading, or an initial set of reviews for your book.

Generating Your ARC

The process to generate an ARC is no different than that for your final ebook. Press the Generate button in the Toolbar to begin.

After generation completes, press the Show Files button to find the files that have been created.

Delivery Services

These services can deliver your ARC to your readers and help them load your book onto their devices:

Note: When using BookFunnel, be sure to enable the switch labeled My books require the KF8 format. This will preserve the formatting you’ve created with Vellum.

Sending an ARC Manually

You can also send an ARC to your readers manually.

If you choose this route, we recommend including links to your book rather than attaching the file. This way, your readers can choose which format works best for them – and you won’t have to worry about your emails being rejected for being too large.

To create links to your book, you can use a file-sharing service like Dropbox.

Once you’ve installed Dropbox on your Mac, copy the files that you want to share to a folder within your Dropbox. When they have been successfully synced, you’ll see a green checkmark next to their filenames in the Finder:

Vellum ebook files synced on Dropbox

Then, bring up the Finder’s context menu by holding down the Control key and clicking on the file you’d like to share.

Context menu showing Dropbox commands

Choose Copy Public Link from the menu, and a URL will be copied to your clipboard. You can then paste the URL into an email, for example:

When readers click on the link in the email, they will download the best-looking book for their device.