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Ebook Cover Image

An ebook can incorporate a cover image that will be included at the beginning of the book. This image is also displayed to a reader as she browses her library.

When you assign an ebook cover image in Vellum, you will receive feedback about whether it meets the requirements of online stores. Vellum will include this image in your ebooks and provide you with a marketing image to upload along with your ebook.

Adding an Ebook Cover

To view or assign a cover image for your ebook, first select your book’s title in Vellum’s Navigator. Then, select the Ebook Cover tab.

Click on the blank cover and you will be prompted to select the image to use.

Replacing or Removing a Cover

To replace the cover image, click on the cover again and select a new image to use instead.

If you you need to remove the cover image entirely, hold down the Option key and then click on the × that appears atop the cover.

Cover Size Feedback

When you add a cover image, Vellum provides feedback about how well your image satisfies the requirements of online platforms. Vellum will inform you when your image meets these requirements:

If your image does not meet store guidelines, however, Vellum will warn you and provide a recommended size:

A cover image that does not meet requirements can be rejected by a store. If your image is too small, you will want to create a larger one or contact your cover designer. (Simply resizing the image to be larger is not recommended, as it can result in a blurry image.)

Note: Your cover image is included in your ebook regardless of whether the image meets these requirements.

Your Ebook Cover and Print

The Ebook cover that you add to your book will not appear in your print edition, where your interior and wraparound cover are two separate files. You can find more information about creating a cover for your paperback book in Uploading Your Cover.

Some authors do, however, like to include an image of their front cover as an additional title page in their print edition. You can do this by using a Full Page Image element and setting its Include In option to Print Only.

Marketing Image

Vellum embeds your cover image in the ebooks it creates: it’s what readers will see when they flip to the beginning of your book. When you upload your ebook to a store, though, you’ll need to also upload your book’s marketing or catalog image. This will be used for your book’s listing in the store.

As Vellum generates an ebook for each store, it will also produce a corresponding marketing image that meets the store’s requirements. Vellum will save these files in the same location it saves the ebooks it generates. Like the ebook files, each image file is named using the title of your book and the associated platform, e.g. The-Invisible-Man-Kindle.jpg.