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Full Page Image

A Full Page Image displays a single image — such as a map — on one page. It can also be used for other applications, like creating a custom title page for your book.

Adding a Full Page Image

To add a Full Page Image to your book, select Full Page Image from the menu in Chapter ▸ Add Element. More details about adding elements can be found in Elements of Your Book.

Selecting an Image

To choose the image that will be displayed, press the + button in the editor.

Empty Full Page Image editor
Empty Full Page Image editor

When you’ve selected an image, Vellum will show you a thumbnail version of the image and indicate whether your image is large enough to fill the page.


You can remove the image by clicking with the Option key held down.


You can use a Full Page Image to begin your book with a map, giving a reader a guide to the locations in your story:

A map in a book using a Full Page Image

You can also use a Full Page Image to create a custom Title Page, replacing the Title Page automatically generated by Vellum:

A custom title page using a Full Page Image

Or, just use as a custom Half Title. In your print edition, a wide image like this will be positioned just above the middle of the page:

A custom half title using a Full Page Image

Table of Contents

Since a full page image is typically used for the front matter of your book, it will not be included in your Table of Contents. (As with all elements of your book, however, it will be listed in your ebook’s Logical TOC.)