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Full Page Image

The Full Page Image element displays a single image on a page, such as a map at the beginning of your book:

A map of a fantasy world shown on a page of a printed book

It can be used for a variety of other applications, including a custom Title Page.

Adding a Full Page Image Element

To add a Full Page Image to your book, select Full Page Image from the menu in Chapter ▸ Add Element. More details about adding elements can be found in Elements of Your Book.

Note: A new Full Page Image element will be added to the end of your book. If you want it in the front, you can move it using drag-and-drop.

Configuring the Image

Before you select an image, Vellum will show guidance about the image size that will fill the available area (based on the size of your book and the options you’ve configured):

Feedback includes a recommended size for an image

To choose your image, press the + button shown when hovering over the placeholder:

You can also add an image by dragging a file from the Finder and dropping it onto the placeholder image.

Image Feedback

After you add an image, Vellum will display feedback about how well your image meets the requirements for your use case:

Image satisfies size requirements

If your image is too small, Vellum will warn you and provide a recommended size for your image:

Warning: Image is too small

If you’ve enabled Full Bleed, Vellum will check that your image matches the size of the page. If it doesn’t you may see a warning:

Warning: Full bleed image does not fill the entire page

If you see this warning, your image may be high resolution, but too wide for content to reach the top and bottom of the page. To address this warning, you’ll want to resize your image (potentially cropping) so that it matches the recommended dimensions.

For help with this, you can make use of one of the available Full Bleed Image Templates.

Accessibility Description

An Accessibility Description is text that is included with the image in your ebook edition, and used in situations when the image can’t be viewed, such as when the ebook is read aloud to someone with a visual impairment.

By default, Vellum will use the element’s title for descriptive text. If you’d like to provide your own description, including specifics about what is shown in the image, you can use the Custom option:

Custom Accessibility Description including text used to describe the content of the image

Bleed Region

When you enable Full Bleed, your image will extend beyond the page boundary into the bleed region. This region ensures your artwork reaches the edge of the page after it is trimmed.

A full bleed Full Page Image with a red border highlighting the bleed region

Bleed region (indicated in pink) for an image on the right side of a spread

Because of this additional bleed region, using a full-bleed image will increase the dimensions of the PDF generated by Vellum. For example:

Trim Size 6 × 9 in
PDF Dimensions 6⅛ × 9¼ in

Side of Page Spread

By default, Full Page Image elements will appear on the right side of a page spread in your print edition. If you’d like to change this behavior, use the Begin On option in your element’s gear menu:

Begin On menu showing options for Left, Right, or Either side of Page Spread

Unlike other elements, Full Page Images allow you to specify that your element appears on the Left Side of a spread. (If your image spans a spread, then this is the only option available.)

Table of Contents

Since a full page image is typically used for the front matter of your book, it will not be included in your Table of Contents. (As with all elements of your book, however, it will be listed in your ebook’s Logical TOC.)


A custom title page using a Full Page Image

Custom Title Page image extending to Margins

A custom title page using a Full Page Image extending to edge of page

Custom Title Page image using Full Bleed

A map spread using Full Page Image

Map using a Spread extending to Safe Zone

A custom title page spread using a Full Page Image

Custom Title Page Spread using Full Bleed