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Your Table of Contents

Vellum will automatically create your book’s Table of Contents. In your ebook, this will include links to the chapters of your book. In your print edition, the Table of Contents lists the page number for each chapter.

Automatic Creation

When you create a new book in Vellum, you will find the Contents element near the beginning of your book:

The Table of Contents as shown in Vellum’s Navigator

The Table of Contents typically appears after front matter such as any Title Pages, Copyright, Dedication, or Epigraph. If you’d like to move the Table of Contents, you can use drag and drop to do so.

Because the Table of Contents element is automatically added to any new book, you usually won’t need to add one yourself. If you do, you can add a Table of Contents using the Add Element menu.

Ebook and Print

By default, Vellum will only include a Table of Contents in ebooks. If you’d like a Table of Contents in your print edition as well, use the Include In menu item found in the gear menu next to the title:

If you’d rather not include a Table of Contents in either edition, you can remove the Contents element entirely. Including a TOC in your ebook, however, is strongly recommended by Amazon.

Ebook Table of Contents

In your ebook, each entry in the Table of Contents is a link to the appropriate element in your book. Readers can follow these links to skip to a section of your book.

The Table of Contents in an ebook

Print Table of Contents

When included in your print edition, the Table of Contents lists the page number for each element of your book:

The Table of Contents in your print edition

Note: Front matter elements, like an Introduction, will use Roman numerals (i, ii, iii) for page numbers.

Elements in your Table of Contents

To create your Table of Contents, Vellum uses the structure you’ve defined in the Navigator. Reorder your chapters, or experiment with where you position elements: your Table of Contents will be updated immediately.

Excluded Elements

The Table of Contents will exclude any elements that appear before it.

In addition, the following elements will always be excluded, regardless of their position in your book:

Chapters within Parts

If your book contains Parts, you’ll find an additional control:

The Table of Contents editor showing the control that allows listing or excluding the contents of Parts

By default, the Table of Contents will list each Part and the Chapters inside it. If you’d prefer to only see the Parts, select Exclude chapters within Parts.

You’ll find a similar control if your book contains Volumes, such as when you are creating a Box Set.

The Logical TOC

The Logical TOC (sometimes called an NCX file) is a hidden file that informs reading software of the structure of your book, and is required by all ebook platforms. Regardless of whether your book uses a Table of Contents element, Vellum will always include a Logical TOC in your ebooks.