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Purchasing FAQ

Vellum is a free download. You can use Vellum to import your manuscript, explore Book Styles, and see how your book will appear on a variety of devices. A purchase is only necessary when you’re ready to generate books.

Here are common questions about making purchases in Vellum and their answers:




Ebook Credits



System Requirements


How can I purchase a package?

When you’re ready to generate books, you can make your purchase from within Vellum.

Begin by pressing the Purchase button in the upper-right corner of your document:

How can I purchase if I don’t have a book ready?

You can use the Purchases... menu item in the Vellum menu:


What is the difference between Vellum Press and Vellum Ebooks?

A Vellum Press license allows you to create both print editions and ebook versions from your manuscript. Vellum Ebooks will only generate ebooks.

If I purchase Vellum Ebooks can I later upgrade to Vellum Press?

Yes, for $99.99. For more details, see upgrading.

Is there a limit to the number of books I can create?

No limit. Create as many as you can!

What about author names? Pen names?

Use as many as you like.

What about a time limit?

There’s no time limit, either.

Will my purchase continue to work in future versions of Vellum?


Can I use my license on multiple computers?

Yes. If you have two computers, like a desktop and a laptop, you can install your license on both. See Restoring for instructions.

Note that the license you purchase can only be used by you and only on computers that you own.


I purchased an ebook package in an earlier version of Vellum. Will it work in Vellum 2.0?

Yes! You will still be able to generate ebooks in Vellum 2.0.

Generating books for print, however, will require upgrading to Vellum Press.

How can I purchase an upgrade?

You can do so right within Vellum. To begin, select Purchases from the Vellum menu.

Vellum will display upgrade options for the package you originally purchased.

I originally purchased an ebook credit package. Can I still upgrade?

Yes. When you run out of credits, you will be presented with the option to upgrade to Vellum Ebooks or to Vellum Press, both of which offer unlimited generation.

You can also upgrade by opening Purchases in the Vellum menu.

Ebook Credits

Can I still purchase ebook credits?

We no longer sell individual ebook credits. Any credits you purchased can still be redeemed, however, and any title you previously activated will continue to generate ebooks.

If you run out of credits, you will have the option to upgrade to Vellum Ebooks or Vellum Press.

I made a mistake in my book’s title and it’s now locked. How do I change it?

If you made a mistake when redeeming an ebook credit, please send us your Vellum file using the Attach a File link on our contact page.

In the body of your message, let us know the new title, subtitle, and author name you’d like. Please allow one business day for us to make the change.

Note: locking is only performed when redeeming book credits from previous versions of Vellum. It does not apply to Vellum Ebooks or Vellum Press licenses.


Does Vellum provide an ISBN for publishing my book?


To publish the print version of your book, you will need to acquire an ISBN, though some print-on-demand providers (like KDP) offer a free ISBN as part of their services.

Most online retailers (including Amazon) do not require an ISBN to list an ebook. If you do acquire one for your ebook, you can specify the ISBN in Title Info and it will be included in your ebook’s metadata.

Does Vellum or 180g take a percentage of my royalties?

We wouldn’t think of it.

You own the files generated by Vellum and can upload them to stores directly.


How can I install my license on a new or second computer?

If you’ve purchased a new computer, or you’d like to use Vellum on a second computer you own, you can use Restore to install your license.

If you haven’t already done so, first download and install Vellum on your new computer.

From the Vellum menu, select Purchases. Then press the Restore… button in the lower-left to begin:

Step 1/2 Press Restore in the Purchases window
Step 2/2 Enter the email address you used to make your purchase

After submitting an email address, you’ll receive an email with a link that will install your license on your new computer.

System Requirements

What are the requirements for running Vellum?

Vellum requires a Mac running one of these versions of macOS:

Will you make a version of Vellum for Windows? iPad?

We are currently focused on our Mac product, and do not have any plans to develop a product for Windows or for iOS.

Please keep us in mind should you find yourself in front of a Mac, however!

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