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Purchasing FAQ

Vellum is a free download. You can use Vellum to import your manuscript, explore Book Styles, and see how your eBook will appear on a variety of devices. A purchase is only necessary when you’re ready to generate your eBooks.

Here are common questions about purchasing Vellum and their answers:



Book Packages



System Requirements

Future Versions


How can I purchase a package?

You can purchase an Unlimited, 1-Book, or 10-Book package from within Vellum. Use the Purchases button in the Vellum toolbar:

How can I purchase if I don’t have a book ready?

You can also use the Purchases... menu item in the Vellum menu to purchase an Unlimited package or any number of book credits:

A credit you purchase can be redeemed when your book is ready.


How can I restore my purchase?

If you’ve lost your license, or are installing to a new computer, you can easily restore your license.

Use the Vellum > Purchases… menu item to show the Purchases window and then press the Restore… button in the lower-left to begin the restoration process.

Book Packages

If I buy a 10-book package and want to upload to three stores, will I use one book credit or three?

Just one.

When you activate eBook generation, you do so for your Vellum file, and can generate for all platforms.

Do I have to pay every time I update a book?

No. Once you activate a Vellum file, you can continue to make changes and generate eBooks as often as you need.

When you first activate eBook generation, Vellum will lock your file’s title, subtitle, and author. It will warn you before doing so with a prompt:

Other than these fields, however, you can make any changes you need and regenerate: try a different cover, add Store Links to your back-matter, or just fix a typo.

Note: locking does not apply to an unlimited eBook license.

I made a mistake on my book’s title. Can I change it or do I have to pay again?

Contact us and we can adjust your title, or any other information that has been locked.

Is there a time limit on using all ten books in a 10-book package?

Book credits have no expiration.

When you activate eBook generation for a new title, you’ll simply be asked if you wish to redeem one of the credits you’ve purchased.

Will credits continue to work in future versions of Vellum?



Is there a limit to the number of eBooks I can create with the Unlimited package?

No limit. Create as many as you can!

What about author names? Pen names?

Use as many as you like, Robert Galbraith.

What about a time limit?

There’s no time limit, either.

Will the Unlimited eBook package continue to work in future versions of Vellum?


Can I use my Unlimited license on multiple computers?

Yes. If you have two computers, like a desktop and a laptop, you can install your license on both. See Restoring for instructions.

Note that the license you purchase can only be used by you and only on computers that you own.

Can I upgrade to Unlimited eBooks if I’ve already purchased another package?

We do allow authors to purchase an upgrade to Unlimited eBooks. When you are ready, please contact us and we’ll send you instructions.

Do you offer bulk discounts on Unlimited eBook packages?

Yes. If you’d like to purchase multiple Unlimited packages for your organization, please contact and we can give you more details.


Does Vellum provide an ISBN for publishing my book?

No, and most online retailers (including Amazon) do not require an ISBN to list an eBook.

If you have acquired an ISBN for your title, however, you can provide this in Book Info and Vellum will include the ISBN both in your eBook’s metadata and on its Copyright page (if it has one).

Does Vellum or 180g take a percentage of my royalties?

We wouldn’t think of it.

You own the eBook files generated by Vellum and can upload them to stores directly.

System Requirements

What are the requirements for running Vellum?

Vellum requires a Mac running macOS 10.9 (“Mavericks”) or newer, and includes support for macOS Sierra.

You can find a list of Mac models supported by macOS 10.9 within the Mavericks Technical Specifications.

Will you make a version of Vellum for Windows? iPad?

We are currently focused on our Mac product, and do not have any plans to develop a product for Windows or for iOS.

Please keep us in mind should you find yourself in front of a Mac, however!

Future Versions

Can I create print-ready versions of my book?

This will be possible in Vellum 2.0, coming June 1, 2017.

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