Applying Styles | Vellum Help

Applying Styles

You can use Vellum’s Styles to quickly change the look of your entire book, or just adjust certain aspects.

The Styles Pane

To access the Styles pane, click the Styles button at the top of the Navigator:

Vellum’s Navigator lists the set of styles for your book. The editor to its right presents the options for the selected style:

Choosing a Book Style

To change the overall look of your book, select Book Style and spin through the pages shown in the Style Carousel to choose one that best suits your book.

When you change the style, it is instantly and uniformly applied to your book.


You can also move through the carousel by swiping on a multitouch trackpad or by using the left- and right-arrow keys.

Feature Styles

Feature styles are listed below Book Style, and affect specific aspects of your book. Heading style, for instance, controls the appearance of chapter titles in your book.

Feature Styles are displayed in bold text if they affect an aspect of your book.


To return to the recommended style choices for your selected Book Style, click the reset icon in the upper-right corner of the Style Editor:

Ornamental Break Style

If your book includes Ornamental Breaks, you can use the carousel for this Feature Style to choose the ornament that best fits your book.

If you’d prefer to use your own image, you can assign a Custom Ornamental Break by pressing the Custom Image button shown below the carousel:

Body Style

The Body Style editor displays options for the text of each element:

Paragraph, hyphenation, and justification options apply to both ebook and print editions of your book.

Font family, size, and line spacing only apply to your print edition (in an ebook, these settings are determined by the reader). Vellum automatically configures these values according to your selected trim size and Book Style, but you can use the sliders here to make adjustments.


I don’t see any drop caps in my book

The First Paragraph and Paragraph After Break styles only apply to the bodymatter of your book. If you don’t see your selected style, try converting your element into a Chapter (or Prologue or Epilogue).

I only see a few options for style

You may be viewing a collection of feature styles, such as the options for Heading. To return to the larger set of book styles, click on Book Style at the top of the Navigator.