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Adding Text Features

Vellum’s Text Features can be created using the Add Text Feature menu at the top of the Text Editor. Use it to apply specialized formatting to the contents of your book:

Vellum's Text Feature menu
Title a section of a chapter
Ornamental Break
Introduce a new scene with a flourish
Inline Image
Insert an image within a chapter

Alignment Block
Explicitly left-align, center, or right-align a block of text
Create a bulleted or numbered collection of items

Block Quotation
Inset a quotation from surrounding text
Apply formatting suitable for lines of poetry or songs
Text Conversation
Include text messages sent between characters
Written Note
Add a note written by a character

Web Link
Link to external websites
Store Link
Link to your other books in online stores
Internal Link
Link to an element or subhead in your book

A reference to a citation appearing later in the book
Information that appears at the bottom of a page in print

Additional Text Features

Scene Break
A break that introduces a change of location, time, or narrator
Page Break
A page break forces the following section to a new page